Weight Loss PLR Content and Social Media Pack



This weight loss PLR pack contains articles, Tweets, Facebook posts, and viral images. All the content you need to get social media campaign going!

This pack is great for those with weight loss and health related websites or affiliates promoting the Venus Factor fat loss program. The 5 articles included contain cutting edge information on the hormones leptin, ghrelin and insulin, explained in an easy to understand format. These 3 hormones can greatly influence how and when the body stores or releases fat.

Here are the article topics and word counts:

  1. Make Sure and Get Your Booty Sleep – 485 words
  2. Acupuncture and Weight Loss – 421 words
  3. Hormones and Weight Loss – 463 words
  4. What Causes Leptin Resistance – 654 words
  5. Leptin Friendly Foods – 554 words


Also included in this brand-new PLR pack are:

  • 10 pre-written Tweets for Twitter
  • 11 pre-written posts for Facebook or Google Plus
  • 10 viral images to use on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus


The image preview contains most of the viral images. The images come in jpg and png formats, each measures 600 x 600 pixels. All images and graphical elements were made by me, which means no licensing worries for you!

The images were made to encourage others to share them within social media circles. Not all types of images get shared, these will. Add your website URL to the bottom of each image using any image editing program or online editor for even more exposure.


File Formats:

Articles – .doc
Tweets – .doc
Facebook Posts – .doc
Viral images – .jpg and .png

Instant Download


Leptin Weight Loss PLR Article Snippet:

What Causes Leptin Resistance?

If you’re having a hard time losing weight and keeping it off, you may be suffering from leptin resistance. Leptin is the master fat controlling hormone and if your brain is not hearing the signals that leptin is giving it, fat loss will be next to impossible.

Losing part, or all, of the leptin hormone communication process is referred to as leptin resistance. When this happens, you have plenty of leptin flowing through your body; it just can’t get any messages through to your brain.

Continued in the actual article, “What Causes Leptin Resistance”…


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