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SEO in 2018 Depends on High Quality Content

Shaking the entire web-publishing world in 2012, Google released an algorithm update that they called Penguin. This update changed the way that certain websites ranked in Google’s search engine results, many seeing a major drop in rankings overnight. Continue reading SEO in 2018 Depends on High Quality Content

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How to Uninstall SENuke X – Step by Step

How to Uninstall SENuke X

Uninstalling SENuke X is not completely done by using the program’s uninstall feature…

How to Uninstall SENuke XI recently had the pleasure of trying to uninstall SENuke X from my Windows XP operating system that is running on my Mac under Parallels. The process took a little digging around to complete, because just clicking on the uninstall button within the actual SENuke X interface didn’t completely uninstall it. It would still start up and prompt for my username information every time Windows would start up, even though it said it was uninstalled. Continue reading How to Uninstall SENuke X – Step by Step

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21 Steps to 1,000 Visitors Per Day

If you are buying PLR articles and content, then you also need more traffic to your webpages!

How to get website traffic
How Can I Get More Visitors to my Website?

I just came accross a great article by Kim Roach that I thought would helpful for all my PLR customers. It gives you step-by-step details on how to take your great content and use it to get 1,000 visitors a day to your webpages.

Some steps covered are:

  • Submitting to Facebook
  • Submitting to Twitter
  • Blog Carnivals
  • Content Syndication
  • Repurposing your Existing Content
  • Building a Blog Network
  • And Tons More!

You can check it out over on her blog: 21 Steps to 1,000 Visitors Per Day

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500 Free Websites to Submit PLR Articles and Content To

Free Website Traffic Methods Using PLR ArticlesYou’ve just purchased a PLR article pack.

Besides using it on your own site, where else can you re-use it?

PLR articles can be re-purposed to use as blog posts, videos, pdf files, reports, podcasts, exe files for pad submissions and spun into even more articles. Here’s a great article listing 500 places and ways to re-use your PLR articles and content Continue reading 500 Free Websites to Submit PLR Articles and Content To

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Articles With Private Label Rights

Best Articles with Private Label RightsWe create informative articles with private label rights (PLR) for a great price.

Not all private label rights articles are created equal. Most of the mega packs that are available online are of substandard quality and will require major rewrites in order to be used.

So what makes the best private label rights (PLR) article?

Continue reading Articles With Private Label Rights

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PLR Video Articles

PLR video articles are videos PLR Video Articlesmade from articles that include animation and images.

I am able to create these for my customers using a combination of one or more of the following software programs: Powerpoint, KeyNote, Photoshop and Premier Pro. These videos are then ready to use for video marketing at places such as Youtube and Google Video. Continue reading PLR Video Articles