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Electronic Cigarette PLR Articles – 5 Pack

PLR Articles About Electronic Cigarettes – 5 Pack

5 high quality, informative articles related to e-cigs…


These articles would be great for electronic cigarette affiliates or e-cig company blogs. They target keywords such as electronic cigarette, e-cigs, electronic cigarette reviews, smokeless cigarettes and vapor cigarettes.

The titles I have chosen for them and the word count of each article:

  1. About Electronic Cigarettes – What is an E-Cigarette? – 490 Words
  2. Things to Look For in an Electronic Cigarette Review – 637 Words
  3. The Electronic Cigarette – Early Beginnings Through Modern Times – 469 Words
  4. Tips for Using an Electronic Cigarette – 623 Words
  5. Popular Brands of Electronic Cigarettes – 459 Words


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PLR Article Sample:

Essential Things to Look For in an Electronic Cigarette Review

When making a purchase of any kind a person should always perform some due diligence, and buying an electronic cigarette should not be any different. One of the best ways to compare and do research on e-cig brands is by reading or watching electronic cigarette reviews. But what kinds of things should you look for? The answer will be addressed within this article, use these tips to make your research process easier and more effective.

If you’ve never used a smokeless cigarette device before, you may not be aware of all the potential issues and situations involved with using one. As a potential buyer, you will want to make note of the important issues listed below, as they will affect the level of satisfaction you will receive during and after the buying process.

Throat Hit

You know that feeling you get in the back of your throat as you take a drag off of your tobacco cigarette?

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