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This sample comes from my SEO (search engine optimization) PLR article pack:

Google Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to getting your site on Google, search engine optimization is an important part of the process. Although it’s not the only search engine to rank in, it is the one that most Internet marketing professionals feel is the most important one.

There’s two important parts to getting ranked in the Google search results and the better you are at both, the higher your pages will show up. These two search engine optimization components are: on-page SEO and off-site, or off-page, SEO.

On-page Search Engine Optimization

On page search engine optimization refers to the things that you can do within your website. This is something you have total control over and so you should make sure and do a good job at it.

It starts with the organization of your websites pages and links. In order to make it easy for Google to crawl your site without missing any important pages, your site structure is important.  Make sure to interlink the pages within your website in an organized manner.

You’ll also want to use your main keywords as category titles and individual page titles. Along with the great, useful content you will be adding to your website, these keyword enriched titles tell Google what your pages are about and help you to rank higher up for the terms.

Now, on to the all-important topic of website content. You’ve heard it said that content is king and that couldn’t be more true. Many people complicate this topic to the point where it confuses people.

Simply put, provide content that is helpful to the people you want coming to your website – give them what they want. Make sure your keywords are in the first paragraph, sprinkled throughout and are also in the last paragraph of your website’s pages for optimum ranking love.

Also make sure to include H1 tags in the first paragraph or first sentence, the one that has your keywords in it. You’ll also want to bold the most important words on the page without going overboard. This tells Google that the bolded key phrases are important.

I also suggest using alt tags that include your most important keywords on your images for added benefits in your Google search engine optimization.

… Continued in the full Google search engine optimization article.

Another sample from the SEO PLR Article Pack 1 can be watched on video here: SEO PLR

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