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Niche PLR Content

Why Should I buy PLR Articles?

If you need content and you don’t have the talent, desire or the time, PLR is a great investment.  Although you could hire a Ghostwriter, a good one can be expensive and you have to wait for your content. With PLR niche content, you can download and use it immediately.

PLR articles, ebooks, reports and autoresponder series’ are a ready made solution that offer affordability and convenience.

What rights and terms do you offer with your PLR content?

I try to be as flexible as possible for the benefit of my customers and allow you to do anything with my PLR, except sell it or give it away as PLR. In other words, you cannot pass PLR rights off to anyone else. Fair enough?

What does PLR stand for?

PLR is an acronym for private label rights.

Do I have to use your name or contact information in the PLR content I buy from you?

No. You may use your name and contact information on any of the private label rights content you purchase from me.

Do you put a limit on how many of each pack you sell? What about duplicate content?

I do have some limited edition PLR packs. However, in order to keep costs low for many online marketers, most of my PLR packs do not have limits on them. Unless you’re the first buyer of one of my packs, I recommend that you slightly alter them anyway.

The duplicate content issue is a huge myth online. You will not get sandboxed by Google or other search engines for having duplicate content as long as the duplicate content is not on the same website. Watch the video series below to learn more, there are 3 videos in the series by Andy Jenkins from Stompernet: