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SEO in 2018 Depends on High Quality Content

Shaking the entire web-publishing world in 2012, Google released an algorithm update that they called Penguin. This update changed the way that certain websites ranked in Google’s search engine results, many seeing a major drop in rankings overnight. These changes not only affected the little guys, but also ended up upsetting the top rankings of major businesses such as JC Penny.

Google Penguin updates were aimed to target websites involved in buying links or getting them from link networks. However, the SEO forums all over the Internet were buzzing with webmasters whose organic websites had disappeared from Google’s search results. Many people were dazed and confused, having lost a majority of their income with no warning.

The Google algorithm changes were flawed, and as a result, websites that should have never been affected from these changes disappeared off the search engine radar. It didn’t help that another algorithm change was released about the same time targeting websites with thin content, this one called Panda.

Google continues to release subsequent updates to their algorithm, and with each one webmasters all over the world are holding their breath. An update can make or break an Internet based business relying on Google rankings in a heartbeat.

The Google Penguin update changed the website landscape for good, and drastically altered the way that search engine optimization is done. In order to achieve top rankings today, webmasters should focus on publishing high quality content that is engaging and helpful to readers. This type of content will get shared naturally, resulting in the kind of links that Google likes.

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