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SEO PLR Blog Posts

SEO PLR Blog PostsIf you’re looking for good quality SEO PLR blog posts, why not use my regular article packs and break them down into smaller chunks to use for your blog?

The process is quite simple. I have high quality search engine optimization article packs available here on my site.

You’ll want to break the articles apart in a way that makes sense, while keeping your main keyword phrases intact in the title as well as making sure they are included in the beginning and ending paragraphs. Your titles should be keyword rich and attention grabbing.

If you use thumbnails on your blog, the next step would be to add a related image and your blog post is complete. Fast, easy, convenient and affordable.

By doing it this way you’ll be able to get approximately 3-4 blog posts out of each SEO PLR article. Blog posts average out to be about 150 words so that equates to about .30 cents per SEO PLR blog post!

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